Our Policies

You will be required to certify that you have read and agree to our polices on our reservation request form and our secure payment form. Please read our policies carefully.

  • We try to accommodate our guests as much as possible. Therefore some of our cabins are pet friendly.
  • Cleaning Fees: For 15 years we have resisted charging a cleaning fee. However our costs have gone up dramatically over that time period, and the supplies in the cabins provided to our guests has increased. As a result in 2017 we will charge a cleaning fee. However you will find our fee is far below what most folks charge and they do not cover the total cleaning fee that we pay our cleaners. This fee helps cover the cost of linens, full cabin clean after each guests, fresh supplies for each new guest, and dumping,cleaning and filling the hot tub after each guest. We appreciate our repeat guests understanding of this change. It was a difficult but necessary decision to make. The cleaning fee is a one time charge for the whole reservation:
    • Hearts Desire – $25
    • Mountain View, Almost Heaven, Pine Ridge, Heavens Door – $50
    • Wears Valley Retreat – $60
  • We charge the same fee whether there are two guests or six. Please respect the posted maximum number of people each cabin can accommodate. If the maximum guest limit is violated we will sadly require all guests to vacate the cabin with no refund.
  • We provide linens, hand soap, bath soap, and necessary paper products. Guests should get charcoal briquets to cook outside.
  • You must be 25 years of age or older to make a reservation.
  • When the reservation is made a $100 deposit is required. This deposit will go toward your total rental fee.
  • The balance is due 30 days before your reserved date. If you are making a reservation less than 30 days prior to your arrival, the whole balance is due when reservations are made.
  • We have a minimum night requirement, two nights generally, three to 5 nights on most holidays, and peak seasons.
  • Rates will vary based on holidays and peak seasons. The rate posted on the cabin page is the base rate but the actual rate may be higher or lower depending on specials, holidays, and peak seasons.
  • Our check-in is 4:00 p.m. and check-out is 11:00 a.m.
  • If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to your arrival date, you will receive a full refund minus a $100 cancellation fee. We do not reschedule cancellations without a cancellation fee. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days from arrival date, we won’t reschedule at all.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, we will make every effort to re-rent the cabin for the dates you reserved.
  • If we re-rent all the dates you reserved, you will get a full refund minus cancellation fee. If we are able to re-rent a portion of the dates you reserved, you will receive a partial refund.
  • If we are unable to re-rent any of the dates you reserved, you will not receive any refund. Again, we will do our best to re-rent our cabins as we prefer to have our cabins occupied, not vacant.
  • There are no refunds due to weather conditions. While this is not normally an issue, please be prepared for possible weather conditions. 4-wheel drive is recommended for Mountain View and Almost Heaven in the winter.
  • We are a “mom and pop”, please don’t ask us to make a financial sacrifice because you cannot make your trip. When you reserve a cabin it is reflected on our availability calendars as such.
  • We do not “switch” reservation dates. If you make a reservation and then can’t fulfill it, switching the reservation to a later date is not an option. We have to treat the reservation as a cancellation.
  • House parties are not allowed in any of cabin rentals. If guests are found to be having a house party in any of our cabins everyone will be required to vacate the premises and no refunds will be given.
  • No illegal drugs of any kind are to be used, distributed or sold on our vacation cabin rental premises. If guests are found to be in violation of of this policy everyone will be required to vacate the premises and no refunds will be given.
  • The registered rentor is responsible for all damages or missing items caused by his/her group. Damages include extra or excessive cleaning upon your departure. Any theft, vandalism, or evidence of drug use will be photographed and reported to the police and possibly followed by litigation. Any guests that we are forced to evict will forfeit all money paid and no credits will be issued. Please know that we are a small “mom and pop” and work very hard at our business. We personally inspect our cabins before our guests arrive and after they leave. Damage to our properties is not taken lightly. We understand that innocent accidents do happen. However anyone who maliciously damages one of our cabins deserves to be pursued relentlessly for compensation, and will be. We have been blessed with many many wonderful guests, this warning and promise is for a very tiny minority of potential guests who don’t respect the rest of us.
  • It is also agreed that we the cabin owners, will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests while on the cabin premises. By reserving one of our cabins it is agreed that all guests of the registered rentor are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others who they invite to use the premises.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items during your stay.

Fireplaces are shut down from April 1 through October 1. We provide firewood but not fire starter or kindling.

Children are welcome at our cabins but should be supervised at all times. Some of our cabins have decks that are 20 feet off the ground, children should be supervised at all times when on decks. “Children should not use hot tubs. They are more susceptible to dehydration and they may be sensitive to hot tub chemicals. Hot tubs are for adult use only”. Cover should be kept on hot tub at all times when an adult is not using the hot tub. Covers should not be leaned on or stepped on. Hot tub covers cost a minimum of $300, guests assume responsibility for damaged covers.

  • We are dog lovers and we are happy to provide some of our cabins for other dog owners. We highly recommend you bring a crate to leave your dog in when you are not at the cabin. Many seemingly calm dogs will freak out if left alone in a strange place. We have had numerous dog owners who have been unpleasantly surprised at the amount of damage their pet did while they were away from the cabin. It can get very expensive! The pet owner is financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet.
  • Pets should be on a leash at all times outside the cabin.
  • In addition extra cleaning fees will be charged for excessive pet hair left in the cabin. Each of our cabins has a vacuum cleaner so if your dog sheds a lot please vacuum before you leave. Dogs are NOT allowed on the furniture. You are also responsible for cleaning up dog droppings in the yard. We are committed to making sure that our cabins show no signs of having had a dog inside them. Many of our guests don’t bring pets and don’t want to stay in a cabin where pet signs are visible. If your pet does any damage we will fix it and you will be charged. PLEASE be careful with your pet.
  • The pet fee is $35 for one dog and $60 for two. This fee does not cover damages or excessive cleaning caused by pets. No more than two are allowed. If a guest brings a dog without letting us know in advance the guest will be evicted from the cabin with no refund. If you are not sure which cabins are pet friendly please ask us. Sorry, no large dogs such as Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Dobermans. NO CATS ALLOWED!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning to stay at a new place for an extended period of time, it is important to know what is provided, not provided and available. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Simply click on the question you are interested in and the answer will pop up!

Dollywood opens each year in late March and closes after the holidays at the end of the year.
We supply pots and pans, blender, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, silverware, plates glasses and cups etc. We also have oven mits, dishwashing towels and dishwashing detergent. Just about everything you need is in our kitchens!
Laundry soap, kindling for fireplaces (we do provide the firewood), matches, hair dryers, charcoal for grills, food and drink.
In each bathroom we provide, 6 Bath towels, 2 hand towels, 6 wash clothes, liquid hand soap, 2 bars soap, 3 rolls toilet paper. In the kitchen besides pots pans, etc, we provide a starter pack of dishwashing liquid for the sink and powder for the dishwasher and a roll of paper towels, We also provide a a dish rag and dish towel.

  • We provide firewood for cabins with wood fireplaces.
  • We provide fresh linens for each bed and for sleeper/sofas and futons.

Spring: The most changeable month of the year is March; snow can fall on any day, especially at higher elevations. Hikers are often caught off-guard when a sunny day around 70ºF or a little more is followed by a wet, bitter cold day. By mid to late April, the weather is moderate.

Summer: Heat, haze, and humidity are the norm by mid-June. Much precipitation comes from afternoon thundershowers.

Fall: In mid-September, a pattern of warm, sunny days and crisp, clear nights often begins. However, cool, rainy days also occur. Dustings of snow may fall at the higher elevations in November.

Winter: Days during this changing season can be sunny and 65°F. or snowy with highs in the 20s. In the low elevations, snows of 1″ or more occur 1-5 times per year. So snow in the valleys is uncommon. At Newfound Gap, 69″ fall on average. Lows of -20°F. are possible in the high country.

CLICK HERE for Pigeon Forge average monthly highs and lows.