Pet Friendly Cabins

Welcome to Terry Kay Cabin Rentals.  If you are looking for pet friendly cabin rentals in the Pigeon Forge, TN area, you are in the right place.

Taking a personal or family vacation is something we all look forward to. A time to get away and enjoy some quality relaxing time with the family. For some of us, family means our pets. We provide just that, a vacation that allows you to not have to board your pet for the extent of your stay. Bring your four legged family member and let them enjoy vacation too! All of our beautiful cabins are pet friendly, and many of them have a fenced in area outside that are perfect for off-leash playing and using the restroom.

While all of our cabins are dog friendly, you wouldn’t know it by looking or smelling. The comment we have heard over and over again over the last 15 years is “I can’t believe your cabins are pet friendly, they are so clean”. Our cleanliness standards are very high, that’s what you deserve!

We invite you to check the availability and reserve one of our pet friendly cabins today!

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“This was a wonderful place to stay. It is not only pet friendly but owner friendly too.
We have really enjoyed our stay. Thanks for everything. We will be back.”

Bill and Cindy Hunt, Nortonville, KY

“We loved our cabin and the fact that our dog could travel with us made it that much better.
We totally enjoyed our week in the mountains and the cabin felt like home.”

Kathy Goodwin

“We recently stayed at Almost Heaven. Our little poodle loved the fenced
in yard that goes directly off of the screened in porch.”

Sondra and Frank Stamper, Poodle Molly

“Heaven’s Door was exactly what we needed! The accommodations and serene location
were perfect for us and the fenced-in yard was ideal for our dogs.”

Sondra and Gerry Gardetto, South Bend, Indiana

“Very clean and so comfortable! I really enjoyed the screened in porch so much.
My fur baby loved having a fenced in area to do his business in!”

Jenny and Freddie Morrow

“Dog lovers listen up. If you want to take a vacation where you can take your furry companions,
check out Heavens Door. It has a fenced yard that allows you to let the dogs out without a leash.”

Bob and Jan Olson, Pets Ebbe and Jackson

“Our little poodle, Molly, loved the fenced-in yard and would run from one
side of the fence to the other when she saw a squirrel in the trees.”

Sondra and Frank Stamper, Poodle Molly