Being locally and family owned isn’t our only asset here at Terry Kay Cabin Rentals – we are also pet friendly! As a pet owner, leaving your furry family member while you go on vacation can be two things: expensive and stressful.

Boarding and overnight pet sitting can add up. If you look into having your pet boarded by a business you’re looking at a cost of AT LEAST $25 per pet, per night. Add up that price for a four-night getaway – well, you get the idea. Being able to bring your pet with you on vacation relieves you of scheduling your pet to be boarded, accumulating costs, and the hassle of commuting. In addition to being expensive, leaving your pet at home can also be emotionally stressful.

Walking away from your pet in order to enjoy a getaway can be hard. Knowing they are probably longing for your return – is even worse. Instead of enjoying the fresh mountain air, great views and time away from home – you find yourself fretting over the furry family member you left behind.

Here at Terry Kay Cabin Rentals, we know how much your furry family member means to you. We understand the stress of leaving them behind; thus, we offer pet friendly cabin rentals! Renting with us, whether you are in the Wears Valley or Pigeon Forge area, allows you the opportunity to not only escape to the Smokies for the weekend but to do so with your WHOLE family.

With a wide variety of cabins to choose from, you can select anything from a wraparound porch to a fully fenced in yard for your pet to enjoy! Join us here at Terry Kay Cabin Rentals, where dog friendly lodging will allow your furry loved one to join you as you explore the Smokies. Enjoy a local hike, go bike riding or swim in one of the river water holes! The opportunities are as endless as the mountain views. Book your cabin today!