Welcome to our Terry Kay Cabins web site. For those of you who have rented from us before you obviously notice a big change in our web site. We started our cabin business in 2002, as of 2019 we are turning our remaining cabins, Heavens Door and Wears Valley Retreat over to Bear Tootin Cabin Rentals for the day to day management. Bear Tootin is a family owned and operated company just like we have been. The folks at Bear Tootin are fine people who we know will take care of our guests. They have a maintenance and service staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will also still be living here locally and checking our cabins from time to time. Both cabins will remain pet friendly and have the fenced yards we know our guests appreciate. To see Wears Valley Retreat on their web site click here, to see Heavens Door click here.

A special message to the folks who have stayed with us before, some many times over the years. It has been an honor having so many wonderful guests for 17 years. The guests are what kept us motivated and blessed. We are ending the day to day management simply to cut back a little bit and pursue some other endeavors, but we will always be grateful to you. If you have any questions about the new arrangement you can still contact us at terrystagg@comcast.net.

Speaking of new endeavors Tim got his first real estate license in 1988. He’s been managing, buying, and selling real estate ever since. He will be helping folks who are interested in buying properties in the Smokies. If you have any interest or know someone who does he can be reached at the same e-mail address, terrystagg@comcast.net.

Tim and I sincerely hope you keep coming to and enjoying our area. The Smoky Mountains are truly magical.

God bless you,

Terry Kay Stagg


*We are still renting Pine Ridge ourselves so please e-mail us if you are interested in reserving Pine Ridge for the month of February.

The first photo of my son Joseph and I was taken about a year after we started our cabin company. The 2nd photo was taken this week, he’s grown a little. Joseph will be graduating from the Christian Academy of the Smokies in May. Joseph helped Tim out a lot with the cabins the last few years, particularly with lawn care. We have many memories to cherish in large part because of our  wonderful guests.